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Training zones

Training zones are essential for good training. Effort in properly selected zones allows you to gain shape and avoids unwanted overtraining. Thanks to the training zones, our training sessions are selected exactly to the type of training you should perform. The author of the division of efforts into training zones (used by us and the best cyclists in the world) is dr. Andrew Coggan. Each zone is defined on the basis of the percentage value obtained after a correctly conducted FTP and HR test. After the HR test, enter the obtained value of the maximum heart rate in the training application.

What is LHTR?

After completing the training, the data will be shown on the graph “Time in HR zones” at the bottom of the page with the analysis of our training. The percentage ranges shown are based on your LHTR value – the heart rate value at your lactate threshold.


Formula for LHTR:


Descriptions for training zones

  • ACTIVE RECOVERY – Driving below 58% of our FTP will allow for “active rest”. Training in this zone is a good opportunity to get used to your bike or go on a bike trip with your family.
  • ENDURANCE – Spending time training in this power zone will allow us to build maximum endurance and endurance. Thanks to riding in this training zone, we are prepared for longer and more effective activity.
  • TEMPO – The zone most often used for triathlon training, for cyclists it is an intermediate zone, because it is not intense enough to accelerate, but it also does not allow for building long-term endurance..
  • TRESHOLD – A training zone that is designed to improve our achievements during constant effort and increase lactic acid tolerance.
  • VO2MAX – Training in this zone simulates short but very intense racing events; such as attacking or reducing the gap to departing riders. A long effort in this training zone can easily lead our body to overtraining. Training in this zone should be performed only when we feel strong enough.
  • ANAEROBIC – We use this zone for interval training, anaerobic training, which is based on very high intensity and short repetition lengths..
  • NEUROMUSCULAR – In this zone, we make the shortest effort, but the most intense of all training zones. There is no specific target power so you should drive as hard as you can based on the feedback from the trainers. It is a zone for improving our sprints and developing endurance abilities (if training is interval training).
  • SWEET SPOT – An additional training zone allows us to develop our power. Driving in this zone helps to develop the ability to maintain a constant power close to our FTP.

Value Ranges for Training Zones

ACTIVE RECOVERY 0% – 58% 0% – 68%
ENDURANCE 59% – 75% 69% – 83%
TEMPO 76% – 90% 84% – 90%
THRESHOLD 91% – 105% 91% – 105%
VO2MAX 106% – 120% 106% – 120%
ANAEROBIC 121% – 150%
NEUROMUSCULAR 151% and more
SWEET SPOT 84% – 97% 84% – 97%

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