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Recommended HR test

During the test, you must perform a sequence of 4 efforts of 5 minutes each. Each of the following efforts is made with increasing intensity. We suggest that the test be performed while driving on a road, in a sheltered flat area, at the speed described below.


HR test on MTB bike:

  – first 5 minutes – 18-20 km/h
– second 5 minutes – 23-25 km/h
– third 5 minutes – 28-30 km/h
– fourth 5 minutes – driving at maximum intensity

HR test on road bike:

  – first 5 minutes – 20-22 km/h
– second 5 minutes – 26-28 km/h
– third 5 minutes – 32-34 km/h
– fourth 5 minutes – driving at maximum intensity


What to pay attention to when testing?

Note what the highest heart rate (maximum heart rate) you will achieve in the last five minutes of the test. This will be your maximum heart rate (HRmax) value. If you feel that the second or third effort is maximum for you, stop the test and take the heart rate obtained as the maximum (HRmax).

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