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Recommended FTP test

To perform the FTP test, you need a bicycle equipped with a power measurement and a heart rate monitor. The FTP test should be performed in flat terrain, on a road with no curves, lights, or intersections that force changes in the pressure on the pedals.


The test should be preceded by a thorough warm-up.

a) For persons aged 15-30: 5 minutes 120-140 bpm, then 10 minutes 140-155 bpm.
b) For people aged 31-40: 5 minutes 115-135 bpm, then 10 minutes 135-150 bpm.
c) For people aged 41-50: 5 minutes 110-130 bpm, then 10 minutes 130-145 bpm.
d) For people aged 51-60: 5 minutes 105-125 bpm, then 10 minutes 125-140 bpm.

After warming up, take a break and ride freely for 5 minutes. Then we move on to the FTP test. Ride at the maximum intensity possible for 20 minutes to cover the longest distance possible. Maintain cadence in the range of 80-100 RPM. After the test, take a 10-minute free recovery ride.

Interpretation of test results

The average power of a 20-minute effort (FTP test) multiplied by 0.95 is your Functional Power Threshold (FTP) value.

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