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How to plan your races?

When you are logged in to the application, find the tab on the left side of the navigation bar with the word Planning. After moving to the planning page, you see a field with leaves, starts and training camps. You are interested in the middle field of Starty. Press the plus button in this section. A window appears that allows you to easily plan your race. When adding a race, remember that the race date cannot be in the past or today.

View on the planning page.

Single race

Single starts are one-day races. When planning a start, you can choose several dates that may occur one after another, e.g. race on Saturday and Sunday, but also plan several starts over the next year from today.

  1. Select the Single Race button and press Choose Dates.
2. When the calendar is displayed, select the dates of your start..
3. After selecting the dates, the start list automatically adds the selected days to the list, where you can name the races (optional), as well as the priority among the three available: Low, Medium, High. To confirm, press the Add button.
4. To add starts, press the Add button, then the list of starts will be updated with the new dates.
5. The starting period will be highlighted in the calendar.


Stage races

When planning a start in a stage race, it may last a minimum of 2 days and a maximum of 7 days. You can plan to start in stage races over the course of the year from today.

1. Select the Stage Race button, then select a priority and optionally enter a name.
2. After clicking on Choose Dates, you can select the range of start days for your race by clicking on the start date and the date of the last start day respectively in the calendar. The selected range will appear at the bottom of the form, if you want to edit the dates, press Choose dates again.
3. To add a start, press the Add button. A “New start has been added” notification will appear at the top of the page and the start list will be updated with the new race.
4. The starting period will be highlighted in the Calendar.

Removal of races

To remove the start plan, you can do it on the Planning page. In the start list to the right of the race, press the trash can icon and confirm your choice. A “Start has been successfully removed” notification will appear at the top of the screen and your starting period will be removed from your Calendar. It’s impossible to remove races from the past. Remember that removing a start is irreversible and in case you make a mistake you will have to add a start again.

How to delete?
  1. Press the trash can icon next to your chosen race.
2. Confirm your choice to remove the startup in the window.
3. After successful deletion, a notification appears at the top of the screen, and start disappears from the start list.


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