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Individual training plan

The user receives an individual training plan, which is then analyzed, thanks to which each training is adjusted to his current efficiency and training form.

The application allows you to choose the cycling discipline in which the user wants to develop his form, currently they are:

  • Road bike,
  • MTB,
  • cyclo-cross- available around August,

In addition, each track adapts to the user’s time disposition so that he can train effectively. When choosing, the user should also take into account his training experience, its measure is the estimated distance traveled during the last 12 months.
It is recommended to train with the INPEAK POWERCRANK power measurement to make the training more effective, but every novice user who is not yet convinced whether the power measurement will be necessary for him, has the opportunity to train with a heart rate band.

You will find more information on choosing the right path by going through a brief introduction in the application itself.

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