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How to use promo coupons?

If you don’t currently have an active subscription

On the computer:

1. During the payment, press the Add promotional code button.


2. Enter the code and confirm. If you can use a given coupon, you will receive a summary including the discount. Complete payment to use.


3. Otherwise, you will get a failure message.


On a mobile device:

1. During the payment, press the Add Code or Details button.


2. Press Add promotion code. A code entry field will appear.


2. Enter the code and confirm.



If you already have an active subscription

1. Enter the Subscription tab. Enter the code in the field on the right, press the Activate button. If everything is successful, you will receive a message about using a promotional code. The price will be reduced with the next payment.


2. In case of failure, you will receive an appropriate message.


How to check if the promotional code has been activated?

1. Having an active subscription, go to the Subscription section. Press the Manage Subscription button. After a while, you will be redirected to the website of Stripe – our payment provider.


2. In the center of the page, under Current Plan, tap Show Cost Details to see more.


3. In the details you will see what code was used, how much is the rebate and how much will be the next payment.


Why can’t I redeem my code?


If you are unable to redeem the code, make sure that:

  • the code has not expired – the codes can only be used up to a specific date, which you receive with it,
  • the entered code does not contain errors – for example, the letter O in place of the digit 0 (zero), rearranged characters, etc.,
  • the code belongs to you – some codes are personalized and only the person who received it can use it,
  • the code isn’t just for new customers – some campaigns target people who have never subscribed before.


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