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How the activity is processed

Activities come to AiTRAINER from applications with which you have integrated, such as Strava or GARMIN Connect. It is possible to integrate with many applications at once – then the earliest activity is taken into account.

Synchronization with external applications

The activities go to AiTRAINER automatically, usually within 5 minutes. However, there are delays and synchronization can take up to several hours. If after this time activity has not appeared in AiTRAINER, it is possible that there is a technical problem. It is then worth notifying us about this fact by means of an inquiry.
Manual upload of activity files
It is not possible to manually upload a training file. Integration with external websites is necessary.

Activity analysis

As soon as we receive the activity, we start its analysis. We calculate most of the data ourselves – average and maximum values, intensity, duration. Therefore, they may differ from those on the source page. There may be times when not all data is available right away as it is still being calculated. They will appear late in the summary.

How we calculate the values of the uploaded activity?

We consider time in motion as the duration of activity. It takes into account whether the computer was paused and, if available, GPS data and speed.
Average values
Average values are calculated based on the time in motion. Zeros count towards average power – that is, moments in which you are moving but not pedaling. Your average cadence doesn’t take zeros into account – times when you’re not pedaling.
NP®, TSS®, IF®
The values of NP®, TSS®, IF® are the parameters patented by Training Peaks® and calculated according to official formulas, also based on time in motion.
Maximum values
The distance is taken directly from the meter – we do not process this value.
The distance is taken directly from the meter – we do not process this value.

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